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Bedford uses Frontier Software (“Frontier”) to support its payroll function. In December 2021 Frontier advised Bedford that some of our old payroll data stored by Frontier was subject to a cyber-attack on their systems. We advised those affected at the time. Recently, in June 2022, Frontier told us that other files were also part of the cyber-attack. Both these files contained personal information.

Between November 2021 and now, a large amount of work has been undertaken together with Frontier’s external cyber advisors to determine precisely whose and what information was impacted. Based on Frontier’s review, they have confirmed that the stolen data was not published on the dark web. Frontier has also taken preventative measures to protect against misuse of this information. We are hopeful that these matters reduce the risk associated with this data breach. We have sent notices to all affected persons regarding these exposures to their last recorded postal address in Bedford’s payroll system.

A full statement and further information can accessed via the button below.