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PepsiCo, who owns the Smiths range, recently reached out to a number of Australian Disability Enterprises to assist them with increased demand in Australia for their yummy snacks and mixed box product range.

Bedford was awarded the opportunity to package the Fun Mix varieties during a 13-week trial across our metropolitan sites. If successful, our packaging area managers, Brett Stevens and Stephen Cristofol, believe this could secure a pipeline of highquality work well into the future.

“We are determined to safeguard our future here at Bedford – especially across our largest division which currently employs 671 people,” Brett Stevens said.

“It’s also a good opportunity for our clients to upskill by learning new machinery, troubleshooting and processes.”

“And the model they’re presenting us will also give our employees the opportunity to go to Smiths Chips Regency site and go in to experience their operations,” Stephen Cristofol added.

The trial is now underway.