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From there, it didn’t take long for love to blossom between the hospitality team members.

The pair have worked side by side ever since, bonding over cooking but also shared interests in sailing, theatre and going to the movies.

Last year, Damien got down on one knee and proposed to Lisa at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. She said ‘Yes!’ Then on November 24, 2018 in front of family and friends the couple finally tied the knot.

Some might think working together would strain a relationship, but not Damien and Lisa, who work in perfect harmony preparing food at the Panorama café. They wouldn’t have it any other way.

“We’ve worked the same days at Bedford since we first met. We always come to work and go home together,” Damien said.

“It’s good fun,” Lisa added.

The excitement of their wedding was just one of several milestones celebrated by the couple recently, with Damien also recognised by 20 years of service by Bedford.

Looking to the future, the couple plan to work together for many years to come. As for married life, it hasn’t changed a thing between the loved-up couple, both saying “it doesn’t feel any different”.