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It’s not often you get to speak to an Olympian, so it's an honour to introduce you to Rebecca, and share her story with you.

Rebecca represented Australia at the Special Olympics in the 2011 Athens games, competing in women’s basketball – and the team brought home gold! “It made me feel happy and proud. My parents were also very proud of me,” Rebecca said of the experience.

Gold was an amazing result after the culmination of previous years competing at international level, in 1996 bringing home silver from the World Basketball Championships in Lisbon, and a bronze from Special Olympics World Games in Connecticut in 1995.

Rebecca is clearly no stranger to breaking records -or glass ceilings. She is currently the only female supported employee on the APG (Adelaide Property and Gardens) Southern crew, and encourages other women to join her because she would like “more girls at work to talk to!” Despite this, Rebecca says her workmates are good friends, and she loves coming to work to hang out with her mates, get out into the fresh air, and earn some extra money.

Rebecca says that working makes her parents proud of her. “I normally work at Centennial Park or Tonsley Business Park. I use the blower, whipper snipper, and pick up toys and paper from the grass before we mow.”

In her spare time, Rebecca enjoys ten pin bowling in a Noarlunga bowling league. She recalls a story about the new ball that her parents gave her for her birthday earlier this year. “The first time I bowled with it I scored a Turkey!” A Turkey, for the uninitiated, is 3 strikes in a row. Still a bona fide winner.

Rebecca also enjoys going out to a pub for dinner with her friends from work. “We sometimes have a game of pool after… when I am out with my work mates I feel safe because I know them.”

And we’re happy to know you too Rebecca!