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Junction Australia has been providing community support and housing options to South Australians for many years, but did you know they also run competitions for tidy tenants with a flair for gardening?

This year, for the first time, Bedford’s gardening team at APG is sponsoring additional prizes on top of Junction Australia’s award of $200 for first place and $100 for the runner-up for the following categories:

  • Best Front Garden
  • Best Rear Garden
  • Best Fresh Produce Garden
  • Most Unique Garden

As Junction Australia’s largest gardening contractor, APG has been providing grounds maintenance and arborist services at 134 properties since 2018, across metropolitan Adelaide, Fleurieu, Hills, Barossa, and Mid-North regions.

“Being able to put a face to APG for our tenants is really important, because it gives a sense of security and safety when workers arrive at their property and in their communal spaces,” Samuel Eads from Junction Australia said.

The gardening competition garners more interest every year, with entries almost doubling each round.

“Getting out in the garden connects people and communities – it pulls in neighbours and gives tenants a sense of place,” Mr Eads added.

“Through the competition we are trying to instil in our tenants that it’s their home and it’s where they live. It’s always exciting to watch our tenants transform and take pride in their space.”

APG Operations Manager Mitchell Lowe said both organisations have a strong commitment to making a positive difference in people’s lives.

“We have a shared ethos of supporting people to be who they want to be and providing them with the best opportunity to thrive,” he said.

“Our contracts with Junction Australia provide regular work, capacity building roles, and training opportunities for our team, who work in a job they love in the industry of their choice.”