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After six months of planning, construction, landscaping and planting, Adelaide Property and Gardens (APG) has completed a 1,000sqm adventure playground at Lightsview Estate.

A large crowd of locals flocked to the beautiful grounds for the official open day on 24th April. Complete with creek beds, state-of-the-art play equipment, and a nature play zone, to call it a project of grand proportions would be an understatement!

In fact, before construction could even start, our teams needed to remove a whopping 800 tonnes of soil. Then, over a 24 week-period, APG installed and supervised the construction of $250,000 worth of play equipment including:

  • Tower with climbing net
  • Balance beam trail
  • Giant bird’s nest swing
  • Concrete fossil hidden in the sandpit
  • In-ground trampolines
  • Giant mound slides

Our staff and supported employees worked with extreme precision and accuracy to complete this technically complicated project. For example, the wetlands basins have no room for error- they’re built within a 20mm accuracy window to ensure plants will survive, and the concrete is also laid with 5mm accuracy!

The park also features large grass areas that are perfect for kicking the football or an afternoon picnic. Older children can also enjoy playing with friends by shooting a few hoops on the basketball half court, or trying some new tricks in the skate zone.

Surrounding the play equipment and structural elements, APG teams planted 93 trees and 3,250 native plants.

The playground is also surrounded by grassed areas and landscaping, and the entire project covers approximately 5,000sqm of the 6.2ha wetland and park precinct.

APG has been constructing major works at Lightsview Estate for more than 10 years - including rockwork, footpaths, irrigation, planting, and turf for wetlands and basins around the estate.

We have also been managing and maintaining all the streetscape verges and are extremely proud of the high-quality work our teams consistently produce all year round. The end result at Lightsview Adventure Playground truly showcases their impressive capabilities on a grand scale!

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Below photos by Frankie The Creative.