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Bedford's Butterfly Effect Tax Appeal is turning small actions into big change!

Bedford has launched its Butterfly Effect Tax Appeal to rally community support for its learning and experiences programs for people with disability.

Run annually, central to this year’s appeal is the focus on Bedford’s Day Options programs, which suit individuals with an NDIS plan who have a variety of support needs. Participants learn new skills, meet new people, and experience what the local community has to offer. The programs are run from seven Learning and Experience Hub locations in metropolitan and regional areas across South Australia

Bedford CEO, Myron Mann is appealing to the community to join forces with Bedford to offer more choice and opportunities for people with disability.

“Our mission is clear: to provide not just support, but opportunities for growth, development, and learning for people with disability. We believe in the power of small actions to create significant change,” said Mr Mann.

Meet Kobi: A Testament to Transformation

Kobi’s journey with Bedford demonstrates the positive impact of the Day Options programs. When Kobi joined Bedford’s Day Options swimming program, he was unable to swim. Initially lacking water confidence, Kobi set a personal goal to swim unassisted. With the support of the Day Options team, Kobi achieved his goal and is now swimming confidently without assistance.

Kobi enjoying pool time

Your Support Matters

As tax season approaches, Bedford is calling upon South Australians to consider the ripple effect of their donations. Every contribution to the Bedford Butterfly Effect Tax Appeal is tax-deductible and directly supports the expansion of programs like the one that benefited Kobi. These funds enhance accessibility, build confidence, and promote independence among Bedford’s participants.

"Your support ensures that people like Kobi continue to thrive and achieve their goals."

"We invite everyone to join us in making a tangible difference," urged Mr Mann.

Get Involved

To support Bedford’s Butterfly Effect Tax Appeal and make a lasting impact in your community, click here to donate now.