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NDS Election Outcome

We are very pleased to announce that Myron Mann, Bedford CEO, has been successfully elected to the National Disability Services (NDS) Committee (SA Division) as member, and Vice Chair of the committee.

Myron brings valuable experience and strategic acumen that will support the NDS, as Australia’s peak industry body for non-government disability service, in their commitment to ensuring people with disability get the high quality and safe services they deserve, and to support providers to achieve best practice.

The NDS reports that the election was well-contested, with seven nominations for five vacant positions. Including Myron, the Committee welcome two other new members, Rebecca Ellis, Executive Manager of Community Services at Orana Australia Limited, and Tim Baker, CEO of Enhanced Lifestyles Incorporated.

They also welcome back two members, elected for a further three-years: Peter Stewart, CEO of the Paraplegic and Quadriplegic Association of South Australia Ltd (PQSA), and Sue Horsnell, CEO of HCO Disability and Community Services.

NDS offered thanks to the departing members Andrew Ramsey from Mobo Group, Helen Sheppard, CEO of Uniting Care Wesley Bowden, and John van Ruth from Lutheran Disability Services for their valuable contribution to NDS and the South Australian Divisional Committee.

The South Australia Divisional Committee has re-elected Mark Kulinski, Chief Executive of Community Living Australia, as the Chairperson for another three-year term. The Committee also elected Myron Mann and Sue Horsnell as Vice-Chairpersons for 2023–24.

Congratulations to the returning Members and Chair, and to the new Co-Chair and newly elected members. We wish you well in your tenure for the next three years!

The South Australian Divisional Committee for 2023-24

Mark Kulinski, CEO, Community Living Australia (2021–26)

Myron Mann, CEO, Bedford Group (2023–26)
Sue Horsnell, CEO, HCO Disability and Community Services (2023–26)

Committee Members:
Mel Kubisa, CEO, Community Living Options (2023–24)
David Panter, CEO, Minda Inc. (2022–25)
Kyp Boucher, Executive Manager for Disability Services, Sonder (2022–25)
Liz Forsyth, CEO, Brain Injury SA (2022–25)
Philip Brookes, CEO, Lifestyle Assistance and Accommodation Services (2022–25)
Simon Rowberry, CEO, Barkuma Inc. (2022–25)
Peter Stewart, CEO, PQSA (2023–26)
Rebecca Ellis, Executive Manager of Community Services, Orana Australia (2023–26)
Tim Baker, CEO, Enhanced Lifestyles Incorporated (2023–26).

Visit the NDS website for more information.