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We are excited to announce the theme of Bedford's SALA Exhibition for 2024 - Creating Rainbows.

In its simplest description, a rainbow is 'a multicoloured arc that forms in the sky.'

The rainbow motif offers Bedford Day Options artists so much scope to explore creatively, both practically and metaphorically, with the use of colour, blending, elevation, shape and form. The rainbow evokes ideas of magic, reward, renewal - and perhaps a sense of yearning... rainbows are always just out of reach.

Imagined by artists with disability, Creating Rainbows celebrates the diversity and the unique stories of contributors from Bedford's Day Options. Creating Rainbows offers the opportunity to creatively express thoughts, feelings, goals or hopes through a variety of artistic media. It may be painting, drawing, sculpting, or using elements from the natural environment. Each piece is made with pride and the unique interpretation of the artist.

Importantly, this is an opportunity for Bedford's artists to stage exhibitions, sell their beautiful creations and, best of all, earn their own commissions.

Stefanie Veitch, General Manager of Day Options and Experiences, says that Bedford’s budding and accomplished artists alike relish the opportunity to be creative, and also expand their skills and knowledge.

"In the past, creative and performing arts has been a ‘thing to do’ at Day Options, and an opportunity for participants to fulfil a creative drive in a safe and encouraging environment. However, by creating and exhibiting work at places like SALA, and potentially selling their own pieces, the idea of making a business out of their work becomes tangible. The experience can empower them to create something outside of the traditional employment opportunities."

— Stefanie Veitch

The Creating Rainbows exhibition will be launched at multiple locations on 1st August 2024.. Additionally, everyone will be able enjoy and purchase the 2024 SALA entries through the online gallery to be launched soon.

We will let you know when the online gallery goes live, but until then, why not book some time in your calendar to visit our galleries at Adelaide Central Plaza, Bedford Panorama and the Mount Gambier Library - and, as a bonus, Blend Creative, the new Backed-by-Bedford creative and design agency, will also be exhibiting their talented employees works at the Joinery, under their exhibition name In Your Wildest Dreams.

Find out more about the SALA Exhibition here.

View the Bedford SALA 2023 Exhibition - Immersion and Expression - video below to see some of the amazing artworks produced!