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From saltbushes to correas and pigfaces, there are more than 500 native flowering plants and shrubs dotted along the $1M trail – a landscape recovery project and collaboration between Bedford, Port Lincoln City Council and Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula.

Our Day Options clients cared for the plants which were propagated in February last year and then planted along the trail during spring.

Bedford’s local Client Services Coordinator Emma Krieg described the experience as incredibly rewarding and a chance for clients to increase their skills and confidence.

“Day Options prepared the different soil mixtures for the seeds, we then prepared the tube stock, planted the seeds, watered, provided shading when necessary and watched them start to grow after several months,” she said.

“Rachael from Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula would come to Bedford and facilitate the correct planting methods and educate our members about native plants and caring for the environment.

“For our clients, this experience allowed them to develop their fine motor skills, learn about different types of plants and techniques of caring for them.”

Now finished, the area is enticing many passersby to sit and enjoy the nature surrounding them, while the plants are attracting a variety of birdlife including wrens and honeyeaters. As for the Bedford Day Options team, they can’t wait to enjoy the area they brought to life.

“We’re looking forward going to visit the park, having some lunch and playing games and looking at the fruits of our team’s labour, which will be these beautiful native plants growing,” Emma said.

The community project has already generated interest in local media outlets, like the Port Lincoln Times and on social media, with many people commenting that they will take the time to visit the trail for the first time.