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With the festive season upon us we often use this time to reflect on the previous year and consider what the next twelve months will bring. We give to and help those who are in need. Your support is the key that can open doors for people with disability. You can give a valuable gift this festive season, the gift of opportunity to hundreds of people with disability.

In life there are many choices to be made and for someone with disability these choices are no different. Decisions about where we will work and how we will get there. Who will our friends be? What training will be required? All standard questions, however for someone with disability these canbe daunting, intimidating and are often harder to make a reality.

The pathway to finding work can be seemingly impossible; making friends is harder and even joining in leisure activities can be challenging. Curtis is a young man who knows how hard it is to take on these things, but he has achieved these and much more with the help and support of Bedford and you.

Curtis has been impacted by health problems and learning difficulties his entire life. He recently moved back to Adelaide from interstate and wanted to do something with his life that would give him a sense of worth and belonging. He wanted to earn money so he could enjoy life and pursue his dream of one day being a recognised rap music artist. Most importantly he wanted to make friends. Bedford helped him achieve all this and more.

Curtis has a purpose to his day; he has routine, knows where he is going, what he is going to do and has the support of caring people around him to make it happen. He also has star status among his many friends at Bedford for his amazing ability to create rap music. In the short time Curtis has been at Bedford we have been able to unlock the door for him to learn and grow. He has had the opportunity to complete vital training to safely use manufacturing machinery and learnt to ask for help when needed.

He has also completed life skills education - vital in the workplace and community. Something you and I may take for granted. These are just a few of the life changing programs Bedford provides to build self esteem and to give Curtis and his friends a sense of self worth. With your generous support, Bedford continually changes the lives of people with disability who otherwise may struggle.

Bedford has opened the door for Curtis to make many of his dreams and hopes a reality.Your donation is the key to Curtis and his friends gaining the training to give them the confidence to achieve what you and I take for granted and fulfill their dreams.

If you would like to make a donation to our appeal please call 1300 300 023.