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Our Day Options members actively participate in a wide variety of recreational, leisure and developmental activities designed to meet all individual needs, build social skills and encourage greater independence. So what will Day Options services look like under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?

How will Day Options Change?

The introduction of the NDIS will result in significant changes to the way Day Options services operate. Under the NDIS, participants will be encouraged to access services that increase their social and community participation. Providers such as Bedford are likely to focus on increasing the amount of time that participants spend out and about in the community and ensuring that participation occurs in a meaningful way.

What is Day Options called under the NDIS?

If you are funded for Day Options services, your NDIS plan will contain funding under the support purpose 'Core'. You can use core funding to purchase 'Group based community, social and recreational activities.' This is the term that the NDIS uses to describe Day Options services.

How do I purchase services under the NDIS?

When you enter the NDIS the you will receive a personal budget. You can use this budget to purchase Day Options services from Bedford. After you have received your NDIS Plan you will meet with someone from Bedford to sign a service agreement. Your service agreement will set out what supports Bedford will deliver to you, when they will be delivered, how much they will cost and how they will be paid for.

How can I make sure I receive funding for Day Options in my plan?

The best way to ensure that you get the supports you need in your NDIS plan is to have a conversation about the type of supports that you would like to receive prior to your planning conversation. You can use Bedford's pre-planning workbook to facilitate a conversation with your loved one about what types of supports that you would like to receive in your NDIS plan. This booklet will help you when you have a conversation with the NDIA.