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We debunk some of the common NDIS myths we hear:

I will lose my Disability Support Pension (DSP) under the NDIS

No, there is no link between your DSP and your NDIS Plan.

The NDIS is funding that is designed to help you achieve your goals. The DSP is income support. The two are in no way related. Your DSP will not be impacted by your transition to the NDIS.

The NDIS will impact my wages

There is no relationship between your wage and your NDIS Plan.

The funding that is provided in your NDIS Plan will help support you to achieve your goals. Just like DSP, the money that you earn from working is income. It is not impacted by your NDIS Plan.

I won't be able to manage the NDIS paperwork

Whilst the NDIS may appear daunting, there are lots of supports Bedford can provide you with to make your journey more manageable.

Bedford staff will spend time with all current employees, members and residents to complete an NDIS Pre-Planning Workbook. This workbook will help you prepare for your NDIS Planning session.

Bedford has also NDIS Partners at each of its sites currently transitioning to the NDIS, who can assist you along your NDIS journey.

In addition to the work Bedford is doing to help prepare families for the scheme, you can also ask for Support Coordination in your NDIS Plan. A Support Coordinator can help you make sense of and get the most our of your NDIS Plan.

My funding will be reduced

Under the NDIS, the total funding allocated for disability supports will increase from $6 billion to $22 billion.

Bedford participants are likely to benefit directly from this increase in funding. Early indicators from Bedford's Silverwater site in Western Sydney indicate participants are receiving more funding under the NDIS than they did before entering the scheme.