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Kadina all decked out for Spring

Peter Fabian has some big dreams for upgrading the Kadina employee facilities, or the ‘Escape Room’ as he’s dubbed it. And those dreams are coming into focus. Until recently, the transportable office has been a bit of a ‘catch-all’ storage unit, inhospitably hot, and it’s raised doorway difficult to access.

However, a grant from the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal, along with donations of timber from Bunnings and roofing materials from Inspire Outdoor Improvement, have facilitated the building of a sturdy new ramp, timber deck, and veranda.

Now that the deck is complete, Peter has already moved onto furnishing plans, and sees a big screen tv, benches, new lockers, a gaming area, musical instruments (including a Hammond keyboard, electric guitar and amp, and drums already in situ) – but most importantly tables and chairs on the deck for the team to sit in comfort and take in the view of the gardens.

Pete envisions that the refurbished air-conditioned ‘Escape Room’ will be a “…creative hub where employees can relax and enjoy a bbq and jam session on the deck after knock-off.”

Sounds like just the ticket for Spring!