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Computer/IT Class - What you need to know about operating a computer safely, using the internet, social media, email and using Microsoft Office.

Social Night - Friday and Saturday nights - head along to bowling, an AFL game, the movies....whatever you want to do!

Fitness Class - Reach your fitness and exercise goals in group or one-on-one sessions.

Video Game Club - Get together with other gamers and enjoy an evening playing the latest games.

Art Class - Explore drawing, painting, craft and a variety of other fun, creative activities.

Social Saturday - Social Saturday is all about getting out in the community and doing the activities you love!

"L" Driver Preparation - This six-week course will help prepare you for your learners permit test.

Walking Group - Meet at a central location and walk to a variety of locations.

Cooking Class - Learn about safe food handling and cooking a wide range of meals including snacks, main meals and desserts!

Budgeting - Learn how to manage your money, maintain a budget and save for something special.

Literacy and Numeracy Class - Expand your reading, writing and maths skills and gain the confidence to apply them in your everyday life.

Fishing - Enjoy a relaxing morning fishing with friends.

Assistance to attend special events - Support to attend sporting events, concerts and more!

Fitness groups, social outings around Adelaide and cooking classes are already underway and proving a hit with participants! While the NDIS is a big change for everyone, it provides Bedford with the flexibility to support more people in more ways than ever before.

Stay tuned for more updates about our expanding NDIS activity in coming weeks!