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We’re pleased to introduce you to Jacqui, who lives at Balyana and works at the Bedford Cafe at Panorama.

Jacqui has been a resident at Balyana, Bedford’s residential community at Clapham, for around a year now. She enjoys hanging out with housemates, but especially likes the support she receives from Balyana staff with cooking, organising grocery lists, and doing the shopping.

Jacqui says “The staff at Balyana are very friendly and supportive. I love the independence we get, not rushing around. And I love the company of housemates.”

The Balyana staff are clearly valued by Jacqui who says “They teach me different skills, things I have never done before. And they spend quality time with me.”

Jacqui works at Bedford in Hospitality, at the cafeteria at Panorama. “I love making coffees and serving customers,” Jacqui tells us. We asked Jacqui how she felt about her connection to Bedford, and she said “It makes me feel part of something. It gives me confidence.”

Jacqui, who loves chatting to people, is a breath of fresh air, and quick to smile. It comes as no surprise that she has a lot of friends at both home and work. Jacqui says that she enjoys socialising with friends, going out for coffee, joining in on Social Saturday activities, watching TV, and visiting different places.

“I love to catch up with friends and go shopping, spend time with my family, walk on the beach. Oh, and I love to support my friends who play for the Goodwood Saints!”

Jacqui is always a friendly face at the Bedford Cafeteria, and she makes a great cup of coffee!

Visit this link to find out more about Balyana.