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Our Bedford ‘family’ of nearly two thousand staff and clients across 17 South Australian sites, are all united by an unwavering commitment to support each other and to shine in everything we do.

Despite all the challenges of the pandemic, I watched our clients shine brighter than ever and discover talents they never knew they had.

Thanks to your help in 2020, we introduced a new suite of programs and services to help clients channel their creativity and express their feelings through the arts - from painting to dancing, even singing in a Bedford choir.

We’d love to keep going. We want Bedford to become a centre of excellence for the arts – with specialist training, teachers, and facilities to help our clients take to the stage or recording studio, refine their skills or exhibit their art.

Imagine the joy on our clients’ faces, as they learn new skills and unearth new talents.

Currently though, we do not have the resources to expand our programs here at Bedford so this Christmas, I’m hoping you will help us.

I would like to ask you personally to support our Christmas appeal and expand our arts program for people with disability.


With your support today, the future of Bedford will see our clients having opportunities right at their fingertips to chase their dreams. Whether that be a private recording studio session, a group session at a circus school, singing lessons, the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and so much more.

For clients like Anthony (pictured above), this would mean so much. Alongside his work in Bedford’s packaging team at Elizabeth, Anthony also dreams of creating and producing his own podcast.

For Anthony, access to specialised recording and producing equipment as well as expert support would help bring his vision to life.

“I really want to have a podcast because it’s a free space for me to express my thoughts about things I’m interested in and that matter to me,” he says.

“I know how to set everything up for recording, but I’d need access to a good microphone, recording facilities I could easily get to, and editing programs. It would be great to have someone teach me more about behind-the-scenes things like post-production, too.

“My goal is to have a full team of people working on my podcast.”

Your support this Christmas can make this, and many other opportunities, a reality.

You will help ensure Bedford can provide opportunities for all our 1300 clients to reach their goals and chase their dreams.

Will you consider making a tax-deductible donation to support a Bedford arts program?

Together we can brighten someone’s world this Christmas. I hope you will consider donating to Bedford today.

Wishing you a wonderful festive season and a Happy New Year.

Yours sincerely,

Maggie Dowling

Chief Executive officer