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They’re called PROMASEAL® Fire Pillows and fire bricks and these insulated items are inserted into wall cavities, ceilings and around electrical cabling to reduce the risk and spread of fires in homes, apartments and commercial buildings.

Originally Promat considered outsourcing the work to South East Asia, but instead found the Bedford team was well-equipped to produce the quality products at a competitive price.

Bedford CEO Maggie Dowling said the organisation’s manufacturing equipment has been upgraded so the production of the safety devices can continue to provide employment for people with disability.

“These are cutting-edge fire-safety products being manufactured by one local company for another local company. It’s a great partnership that has endured for fifteen years and we hope for many more to come,” she said.

Promat Australia’s Peter Butler, is also proud of the partnership and said Promat’s products are now winning awards and increasingly being recognised around the world – particularly in developing countries or areas prone to industrial or residential fires.

“The recent tragedy at London’s Grenfell Tower fire was the perfect example of why all multi-storey developments need correctly manufactured, tested and installed fire-protection systems,” Mr Butler said.

“The number of high-rises will only increase – especially in areas like aged care, public housing and education, so we need to ensure we have measures in place to protect the most vulnerable members of our community.”

As temperatures continue to soar during the fire danger season, it’s good to know these two local companies are working together to make products which could potentially save lives.

For more information about any of the products call Promat Australia on (08) 8352 6759 and if you or someone you know would like to work at Bedford contact our head office on (08) 8275 0211.