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Thomas Merton, a poet and social activist, once said, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”.

Research also tells us that participation in the arts brings benefits such as bringing joy, building self-esteem and a different platform for expression for people with disability.

Over the years, our clients and employees have loved to pick up a paintbrush, dabble in drawings and create some stunning visual artworks.

Some pieces have even gained critical acclaim or won prizes – including this beautiful butterfly by our Panorama Day Options client group.

At Bedford we want our budding artists to continue spreading their wings, so we’re working hard to fundraise for a dedicated art space at the Panorama Day Options site.

The studio will feature a pottery kiln and turning wheel, a professional art teacher, paint, brushes, easels and other supplies.

There are even future plans to enter our locally produced pieces into community art shows and events such as SALA (South Australian Living Artists).

When not being used by our Day Options clients, the area will be used for a range of community access art programs.