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Meet Daniel...

Daniel has always been an early riser, which is just as well because his APG workday starts at a brisk 7:30am.

To get to work, Daniel catches a bus to Bedford’s Pooraka depot and then travels with his crew to their gardening project – it may be any number of sites that APG help to maintain, but on the afternoon I catch up with him, it’s Miravale at Angle Vale.

Daniel’s team are on a lush green reserve, adjacent a recently installed playground, surrounded by brand new homes and townhouses, some still under construction.

The team are hand-weeding around the base of a semi-mature tree. The reserve is neat and well maintained. I approach and call out for Daniel, and I’m met with a warm smile. The smile stays throughout the interview, and his enthusiasm is infectious.

When did you start working with APG?
“I started working at Bedford straight out of Modbury High School, on a work experience placement’s been the best 14 years of my life.”

How much variety is there in the job?

“We travel from place to place. Every day is different. Different jobs, different places. A lot of different weather too!”

What have you learned at APG?
“Pretty much everything you do on the job. Hedge trimming, pruning, hand weeding, spot spraying, push mowing.”

What do you like about it?

“I enjoy being outdoors. We always get positive feedback for the work we do. And I really enjoy the positive feedback. It makes me proud of what we’ve done.”

What are your strengths on the job?
“My positivity. I’ve been taught to make sure of that eye for detail, everything comes down to it. It makes us look good and makes the client happy and makes the community look beautiful. I am the employee representative for APGN (APG North) and I enjoy attending meetings and putting forward ideas or any concerns.”

How long do you think you’ll work with APG at Bedford?
“I’ll be at Bedford til the day I retire. I’m a team-leading hand and good friends with the team.”

What do you love doing outside of work?
“Going to the local footy. I follow Sturt. I love the interaction... being in the crowd and all the people cheering.”

After a day at work, do you go home and look after the garden there?
“No, my dad does it!”

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Daniel (right) pictured with his Supervisor Grant on site at Miravale