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What led you to work in the disability sector? While I was studying at uni I worked as a Disability Support Worker on weeknights and weekends. I loved the work so much I changed my degree completely so that I could pursue a career in the disability sector full time.

What do you think is the most positive thing about the NDIS? The NDIS will provide greater choice and control for all individuals. It's been wonderful to spend time talking to participants in these initial stages about their goals and aspirations, and all the exciting ways that these can now be achieved.

What changes do you think this will bring for our employees and Bedford? Bedford employees will have the opportunity to increase their independence, achieve goals they may have never previously considered, and have greater control over the services and supports they're provided. It's great that Bedford will be able to support employees to explore new and exciting opportunities in training, skill development and social activities alongside employment.

What interests do you have outside of work? When I'm not at work I enjoy reading a good book, watching reality TV and catching up with friends. I also head along to as many boot camp sessions as possible during the week (to make up for all the chocolate I eat while watching reality TV!).

Favourite animal? Can't go past a sloth!

Favourite AFL team? Will always go for Port Power (but only because my family are fanatic Crows fans and it's fun to stir them up!).

What's an interesting fact about you? Each time I travel overseas I get my passport stamp tattooed on to my arm as a permanent reminder of the trip. My favourite stamp so far is Vietnam – next up is Japan!