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Sarah has been an employee at Bedford Mount Gambier since 2019. She is softly spoken and super likable.

When she first started at Bedford, Sarah says that “it took a long time to get comfortable”, but now she talks to everyone at the mill, especially her workmates in the kitchen, where they make scones, biscuits and cakes.

Sarah works five days a week, and while she mostly works in the cafe and with the cleaning team, she’s willing to learn new tasks and participate in many areas of the mill - including operating essential machinery used in timber and furniture production.

It’s clearly very important to Sarah that she’s useful at work, “My favourite part of the job is being asked to help out… in kindling, in the mills when they need help, sometimes helping Graham or the other managers…” she says.

In her spare time Sarah enjoys playing puzzles and games, especially Nintendo Switch. She also has a very crafty hobby called Diamond Dots, which she says is “…kind of like paint by numbers, but with little diamond dots you stick on in a pattern.”

She often puts on her favourite rock music and makes Christmas cards or birthday cards for her managers, friends and family. In fact, in the three short years at Bedford she has made over 50 cards and counting!

Sarah says, “Bedford is a good place to work at. I look forward to going to work, not many people can say that, but I do. Bedford’s been the pride of my life.”