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Have you ever wondered who is calling you to ask if you'd like to buy a Bedford Lottery ticket?

Let us introduce you to some of the Bedford Lottery Team, and put names and faces to a few of those voices on the phone. Each of them have a different story to tell, but all of them are compassionate and dedicated people who want to contribute to the work Bedford does to support people with disability in South Australia.

If you'd like to contribute to that work too, we'd love you to buy a ticket in our latest lottery - and maybe take home some fantastic prizes! You can buy a ticket by calling the team on 1300 981 519, or buy your tickets online.

Introducing... Leonie

Leonie has worked for Bedford for about a year and half, so she is one of the newer 'faces' in the team.

Leonie says that she "really enjoy speaking to all sorts of people on the phone, and it's never boring."

She is proud of being part of Bedford and the work we do to help people living with disability in South Australia. "I especially love being part of our great team!"

Something Leonie may not tell you when you're on the phone is that she is a bit of a car enthusiast, a member of a Rally Car Club, and frequent race event official!

Leonie can't enter our Adventure Awaits Lottery, but you can speed in for a ticket - and perhaps win yourself a trip to the next Paris-Dakar Rally with our fabulous second prize $20,000 travel voucher!

The lovely Leonie about to make a call

Introducing... Carolyn

Carolyn has worked for Bedford for 6 years, and her mission is to 'help people change their lives.'

One of Carolyn's career highlights is the time she sold a winning ticket to a lady who initially only wanted one ticket. Carolyn encouraged her to buy two, and as luck would have it, the second ticket won her the grand prize of $50,000!

Carolyn says "I called her to give her the good news and she yelled 'you're KIDDING me!!!' (but in a bit stronger language, haha), and said that she'd never won anything before in her life! What an amazing phone call."

If you hear from Carolyn, you'll be talking to a keen sports fan - she loves the Adelaide Crows and the tennis - she's even been to Wimbledon once and hopes to get there again one day.

Although Carolyn can't enter our Adventure Awaits Lottery, she has a winning tip for you - buy two tickets. ;)

Carolyn at her desk

Introducing... Pat

Pat has been at Bedford for 13 years.

She really enjoys making calls during her work day, and interacting with so many different people.

She says that nothing beats those special moments when you are the team member who sold a winning ticket for big cash prizes!

"But the real reason we all love doing this work is not just about the prizes or the fun of talking to people... it's about helping to raise funds to support people with disability."

If Pat gives you a call, you'll be talking to someone who enjoys all types of dancing, is a very keen gardener, and enjoys travelling.

Pat, about to make a call.

Introducing... Maria

Maria has been with Bedford for 6 years.

"I love working here in the Bedford Lotteries team. It's great to know that all money raised from the lotteries only goes back to people with disability and Bedford don’t use it for anything else."

Maria also has prior experience working at Bedford Torrensville. "I loved every minute working in the factory, working side by side with people with disability. I got to know a lot of wonderful people there."

One of my career highlights is the time I had to ring the 3rd prize winner in the 'Future Awaits' Lottery. He won $5,000 - "...that's not a life changing amount, but it made a big difference to him at the time. His wife was in hospital due to a stroke. He was doing it tough financially, and was surprised, absolutely delighted, and very grateful to receive prize money at that crucial time!" Maria says she'll be ringing him again soon, and hopes to hear that the prize helped to make things easier for him and his wife's recovery.

In her spare time, Maria is the loving owner of a sweet cat called Lucky, who chose her as her owner. "I have a cat with a disability! I found her in the front yard as a kitten, and she had no paws on her back legs - so I took her in."

She isn't a huge footy fan, but as a proud South Australian she likes it when the Crows and Power win. Her sport of choice is the cricket "I LOVE watching the test matches in particular."

Maria also enjoys knitting and has been doing it for most of her life, "My grandmother taught me to knit when I was 4 years old."

She also likes growing her own vegetables, reading, crochet, but most of all she enjoys being with her kids.

Maria ready for the next call.