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At Bedford, we want to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Leading up to the full NDIS roll out, we have been working hard to create some exciting new programs that will provide participants with opportunities for growth and development.

Our programs aim to increase social and community participation and to improve relationships, learning and life choices.

The first two programs we are launching are:

Money Management – employees will learn how to recognise notes, coins and values of money, develop awareness of safety and personal rights with money and also be able to identify acts of dishonesty when using cash. The program covers the concept of saving money, budgeting and developing awareness of bank accounts, payslips and credit cards.

Bedford Leaders - this program is designed to identify, train, develop and mentor employees into leadership roles within the organisation. The program will teach aspiring leaders to understand the role and responsibility of a leader, learn and teach others about policies/procedures, induct new employees into the business and support and mentor them on their journey.

More exciting programs will be rolled out next year, including:

Workplace Numeracy and Literacy – a focus on literacy and numeracy activities which can be incorporated on the job.

Personal Community Safety - learning to be alert, aware and active both at home and out in the community.

Relationships and Me - sexual health awareness program focused on developing appropriate sexual behaviours and relationships.

Life Goal Planning - focusses on supporting people with disability and their families/carers to be prepared for the NDIA planning sessions. This process will get participants to think about their future and to understand their life goals.