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If my situation changes, can I apply to access new supports straight away?

We understand that situations change, whether it be a change in your level of support, your informal care arrangements or if you apply for, receive, or are entitled to compensation for injury.

We need to know if a change happens that affects your status as an NDIS participant or your plan.

There are two things you can do.

  • You could contact your planner, or
  • Fill out a change of circumstance form.

The change of circumstance form can be downloaded from our website and submitted:

  • in person at a NDIA, Local Area Coordinator or Early Childhood Partner office
  • emailed to
  • uploading to the NDIS myplace Participant Portal
  • or by mailing a filled-out Change of Circumstances form to:

National Disability Insurance Agency

GPO Box 700

Canberra ACT 2601

Once submitted, we will get in contact to discuss how we can adjust your plan to make sure you are receiving the reasonable and necessary support you need.

If my area is one of the last to roll out, will there be money left for participant funding?

Yes. Funding for the NDIS comes from the Commonwealth and State governments. They've committed to fund it in accordance with agreements between each government. This has been a topic discussed in length by Parliament recently, and we received absolute commitment from the Government that it will be funded. There's no need at all for concern that the funding won't be there.

How can the NDIS help mature age workers who have a disability because of a workplace injury? Is that something that would be covered under the NDIS?

Workplace injury will generally be covered by state and territories workers compensation schemes. If a person had a workplace injury quite a long time ago, and have exhausted their compensation, they may be eligible. But, generally, the state and territory workplace injury systems provide the type of supports to the person that the NDIS would provide.

Will those living with a permanent psychiatric condition find assistance through the NDIS?

Yes. The Productivity Commission, who did the original estimates for the Scheme back in 2011, highlighted that around about 13-14% of people would enter the Scheme with what's called a 'psychosocial disability'. We have found that this representative of the number we have already in the Scheme. People with psychosocial disability have been recognised by the Scheme and are already receiving support.

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