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Interviewing James at Bedford Elizabeth in the delabelling area was a noisy business. Watching as he deftly slid wine bottle after wine bottle into the machine, a big hiss of noise and soapy water followed, and the bottle reappeared in a puff of steam, cleaned of its label. It’s a kind of magic!

Wineries require their bottles to be delabelled for different reasons - sometimes they need to be replaced with medal winning labels, and other times it’s so the wine can be relabelled for an overseas market. Whatever the reason, delabelling is an important service offered by Bedford, and James makes sure the process turns out pristine bottles.

Working at Bedford Elizabeth for around 13 years, James started with Phoenix Society before the amalgamation with Bedford. Like so many of Bedford's valued supported employees, James has shown great versatility across the many and varied types of work contracted by Bedford commercial solutions.

“I’ve worked on all sorts of jobs since I’ve been here, from Holden body panels, and packaging everything from Bow Wow dog treats to electrical components, as well as de-labelling,” James says.

James is very proud of his deep roots with Bedford, and mentions that his parents history with Bedford goes back 30 plus years, “…they actually met while living at Balyana!”

James confides that his family is really important to him. “I know that everyone feels their family is essentially very good, but having my family work at Bedford and understand me in that way is good.”

And what is it that he likes most about working at Bedford? “I love getting out of the house to come to work and interact with people instead of being isolated at home.”

In his spare time, James enjoys tinkering with electronics, specifically broken consoles like Playstation and Nintendo. He takes them apart, cleans them out, repairs anything that’s obviously broken and gets them running again.

He also enjoys taking engines apart. He says he inherited his mechanical skills from his mum, who is also very technically minded. But he also likes to build things as well as take them apart, and some of his projects include elaborate Lego scenes from Star Wars and Marvel.

When James is not building Lego or deconstructing Playstations, he enjoys following the footy (Carn the Pear!) and pet-sitting his friend's dogs.

You can find out more about Bedford's commercial capabilities and the business solutions we offer, by visiting this page.