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Braden beams as he shows off a small selection of the countless trophies, ribbons and medals he has won over the years. They are among the awards our 20-year-old Packaging employee has received for the prized guinea pigs he has been breeding for almost a decade.

At last count Braden had 60 guinea pigs at home and is a regular competitor and volunteer at the National Guinea Pig Show, the Royal Adelaide Show and the Australian National Cavy Show.

It's a great example of the varied pursuits and hobbies the team at Bedford enjoy out of work hours. Braden's carer, Deb, said while caring for the cute creatures could be viewed as simply a hobby, it is much more.

"It's important to learn to have the responsibility of caring for animals every day and they are very calming," Deb said.

"Braden has been living with me since he was 10 and is a very different person now to when he was younger. I'm certain his animals have helped shaped that.

"They teach empathy, caring and how to show affection."

Braden elects Hughesy, pictured, as his favourite guinea pig and offers plenty of insights into the world of these loveable rodents.

"The white and the short haired pigs are more placid. To tame them you need to hold them for 30 minutes a day and they love capsicum. You can easily pick them up while eating that," he said.

A familiar face at Bedford since he left school, Braden started working at the site in Gepps Cross and is now at Torrensville.

"I'm happy here, the people here are nice," he said.

Braden is also a passionate Port Adelaide supporter, but his pets take up most of his spare time.

Aside from his 60 guinea pigs he also has four cats, two dogs, two lizards and goldfish