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No doubt, you’ve heard of the famous comedian and radio host Dave Hughes, but did you know that Kadina has its very own David Hughes on Gulf FM with The Hughesy Show?

David Hughes, 52, works at Bedford in the Packaging area putting together flat-pack furniture kits. You’d expect that the fine work involved in collating dowels, screws and hinges requires a good deal of dexterity, but David happens to be missing a few fingers on his right hand due to an unfortunate tangle with a table saw in his shed back in 2019.

“I often forget I have a perfectly good left hand because I’ve adapted to the change in my right hand so well,” David says. He admits picking up small screws can occasionally pose a problem, but makes it work. David credits the ‘amazing supports’ around him with his recovery, including his family and the team at Bedford.

His injury certainly hasn’t slowed David’s down in other areas of his life. Not only does he have two radio shows on Gulf FM (The Hughesy Show on Tuesday nights and an easy listening show Fantastic Fridays from 1- 4pm) but he’s an avid veggie grower and has shared his knowledge of aquaponics with a presentation to the Copper Coast Gardening Club.

David moved to Kadina two years ago and says hosting his shows allows him to play his favourite music from the 60’s and connect with the community. He is often recognised out and about in Kadina - not by his face, but by his voice!

The radio show often has him attending outside broadcasts at local markets and events like the Moonta Christmas Pageant, Field Days, the Copper Coast Show and many more.

David has become a very active member of the Yorke Peninsula community, and recently hosted a trivia fundraising night at the Kadina Bowling Club - the evening raised $1,800 for prostate cancer research.

His golden voice is also in demand to emcee local events, like the 2024 Australia Day event 'Queens of Rock' - a show paying tribute to the women of rock and roll.

In his ‘spare’ time he goes fishing with his Bedford work mate, Chris, at Wallaroo. He says it’s a great spot, but so far, no big fish tales to tell!

Listen out for Hughesy on Tuesdays and Fridays on Gulf FM. Find the schedule, and listen live on air right here.