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“My name is David John Parker or ‘DJ’ as most people call me. I’ve been in supported employment at Bedford for over 16 years.

I started out at APG on the ride-on mowers at Linear Park, which was very joyful and relaxing and these days I drive the new Bedford truck.

My day usually starts at 7:30 and usually the truck is loaded for me for my deliveries. I could be off to Woodville to drop off our flat-pack furniture, or I could be off to a transport company or another contractor. My day is unpredictable, and I like it that way. I’m on my own, on the road and it keeps me out of trouble!

This new fit-for-purpose truck has been a long time coming and it’s good to be behind the wheel of it - even if it is an automatic.

I was actually born in Woomera and moved down to Adelaide when I was five. I won’t say how old I am, but that was 57 years ago, so you can do that maths.

I tried all sort of things in my working life and in open employment, but well here I am. There are some really good people here, like Chook my supervisor, and I’m happy to stay here until I can’t work anymore."

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