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Bedford Torrensville recently joined the fight against the spread of COVID-19 by making SA Health community protection masks for people entering South Australia.

In July, Bedford hosted the Honourable Steven Marshall, Premier, and the Minister for Health and Wellbeing, Stephen Wade, to announce the partnership.

Bedford team members Paul Locke and Amee Datson welcomed the new line of work and the skills and precision required to produce more than 100,000 packs in our HACCP-approved clean room.

“I hear there are plenty of deaths because of the virus and it feels like it’s really important to be doing this,” Paul said.

“I love working at Bedford and I’m enjoying learning new skills. I love meeting other people and working together. We all look out for one another,” Amee added.

The packs will be distributed by police and army officers while on border patrols and at Adelaide Airport.