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Spending four hours at our Panorama and Elizabeth sites each week, Kelsey and Richard from Aim Physio have been introducing a range of stretches to relieve and prevent soreness in the workplace, as well as helping team members with any movement issues.

Kelsey says she's seen big improvements over the past few weeks.

"I love working with Bedford because after only a few weeks I have clients saying ‘hi’ to me as I walk around Panorama. Everyone here is so friendly and I love being able to make employees’ pain decrease or have a chat to them about why they are having movement issues. The supervisors are quick to tell me if anyone has reported soreness during the week, and I have clients approach me asking for my help or telling me about their colleague’s pain.

They respond really well to my advice and I often see the guys fix their posture or start stretching as soon as they see me. I love hearing clients say “my pain is gone” with a proud grin and their hand held out ready for a hi-five. Each week I come in, I cannot wait to hear stories about everyone's weekend or how they have been doing their stretches religiously during the week."

Check out some handy back, neck and ankle stretches below!