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Adelaide Property and Gardens (APG) works with a range of partners, including local councils and property developers, on large-scale landscaping and development projects.

Recently APG has partnered with the City of Marion to redevelop and open playgrounds and reserves for the public.

Cormorant Drive Reserve, Hallett Cove

Located in a beautiful secluded area next to the Field River in Hallet Cove, Cormorant Drive Reserve has undergone redevelopment and had a new playground installed by APG.

The 1992 fossil discovery of a juvenile diprotodon (an ancestor of wombats and koalas) in the area led to the playground being megafauna-themed, which certainly was a hit with the local children at the playground's official opening.

On 18 July 2023 the redeveloped playground site was officially opened by City of Marion Mayor Kris Hanna and Kingston MP, Minister for Social Services Amanda Rishworth, to an enthusiastic crowd of local kids on school holidays.

APG's scope of works at Cormorant Drive Reserve included:

  • earthworks and site preparation
  • improvements and modifications to the existing irrigation system
  • asphalt paths and concrete edging
  • seating and feature logs
  • park furniture, such as picnic table and seating
  • drink fountain
  • rock retaining wall using Adelaide Hills stone
  • sandpit fossils
  • installation of all play equipment and diprotodon climbing structure
  • rubber softfall and softfall mulch
  • soft landscaping, including garden beds and hydroseed turf

Lapwing Street Reserve, Hallet Cove

Also in Hallet Cove, the Lapwing Street Reserve is home to... lapwings, or Hooded Plover birds. The bird-themed playground features large speckled eggs to sit on, and a birdsnest-shaped climbing structure, as well as spacious open grassy areas for residents to use.

APG's scope of works at Lapwing Street Reserve included:

  • demolition of existing play area
  • landscaping to cut and reshape the area, moving 100 tonnes of soil
  • new irrigation system installation
  • prepared concrete pads for installation of seating and the drinking fountain
  • installed drinking fountain
  • refurbished and reinstalled park furniture
  • installed recycled-plastic edging in playground and garden areas
  • installed soccer goals
  • hydromulching of grassy areas

Weaver Street Reserve, Edwardstown

APG's scope of works at Weaver Street Reserve included:

  • subcontracted the removal of existing tennis courts, lighting and clubhouse
  • directed the installation of neighbourhood-level playground, with climbing tower, nature play and fenced junior play area
  • managed installation of new multi-use community court after doing site preparation
  • pathways
  • shade sail
  • drink fountain
  • barbeque and picnic table
  • landscaping
  • new irrigation system
  • building new cinderblock walls around the bbq and seating area