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Get on the Road to Riches with an amazing grand prize of $100,000.

With an Early Bird Draw, new Bonus Draws and more options for bundling tickets, there are now more chances to win than ever. And every ticket purchased in the Bedford Lottery helps support people with disability to live the life they choose.

Ticket Bundles:
- Single Ticket: $15
- Bonus Bundle: 5 for $60 + 1 bonus ticket
- Value Bundle: 10 for $105 + 3 bonus tickets
- Super Saver: 15 for $150 + 5 bonus tickets
- Jumbo Pack: 20 for $195 + 7 bonus tickets
- Big Bedford Pack: 25 for $240 + 9 bonus tickets

Important Dates:
- Early Bird Deadline: 31 Aug 2024
- Bonus Draw Deadline: 22 Sep 2024
- Lottery Closes: 29 Sep 2024

Bedford invests every fundraising dollar towards providing specialist programs for our clients, to give them the tools they need to build life-skills, develop social skills and to achieve their long-term goal of greater independence.

With your generosity, Bedford can continue to improve our programs for our 1,300+ clients.

You can find out more and purchase your tickets at the Bedford Lottery site, or reach out to the Bedford Lotteries Team on their Hotline -1300 981 519.