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Meet Rowe - Bedford’s resident movie buff. Working in the cleaning team at Panorama, Rowe enjoys watching a couple of movies a week and loves sharing his thoughts on new releases and old classics.

My favourite type of movies are fast-paced action movies with a good storyline that keeps you thinking.

I've seen some action movies with no story to them and I find that boring.

Recently, I saw the movie called The Secret Life of Pets. It's about what pets get up to when their owners aren't home.

It's a family type movie, good for both boys and girls. It's probably aimed at younger kids but I enjoyed it, it was really funny.

The movie had a really good story which made it interesting.

I would recommend it to others.

Rowe's rating- 3.5/5 stars

I also saw the movie Pete's Dragon, which is a remake of the original Disney cartoon of the same name.

It's about a boy called Pete who is 10 years old and tells people he lives in the woods with a dragon called Eliott.

I really liked this movie, it has a great storyline. I liked it better than the original because the old one was a cartoon and this one looked more realistic.

The old one had more singing it in and the new one doesn't, which I like better.

The new version is more of a family movie, while the old one is more for children.

I would recommend this remake to others, probably not for really young kids, but for anyone over 10.

Rowe's rating – 3/5 stars

Stay tuned for Rowe's next review, which will include the Magnificent Seven starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt.