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Let's translate some common 'NDIS language' terms:

Formal supports – supports you pay for, like physiotherapy or a carer.

Informal supports – supports you don't pay for, like a family member taking you to work or making your meals.

Mainstream services – services everyone (not just people with disability) have access to.

Nominee – a person who is appointed to act and make decisions for a participant who does not have a parent or guardian.

Participant – someone who has an NDIS Plan and receives funding under the NDIS.

Respite - short-term accommodation

Registered provider – a disability support provider that has met the NDIS requirements for qualifications, approvals, experience, capacity and quality standards to provide a product or service. For example, Bedford is a registered NDIS provider.

Service agreement - A service agreement is a legal contract between you and the service provider that sets out what service/s they will provide and how much it will cost.


DSP – Disability support pension

LAC – Local Area Coordinator

NDS – National Disability Services (the Australian peak body for non-government disability services)

NDIA – National Disability Insurance Agency