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William Nimmo has wanted to get behind the wheel of a car for many years.

In fact, when he was a small child he wandered over to his neighbour’s house, hopped in their car and happily beeped their horn and imagined he was cruising along the roads.

These days, the 22-year-old from Adelaide’s north is an enthusiastic member of the Community Access team. He takes part in cooking classes, Social Saturdays and recently added studying for his L Plates to his list.

From the outset William showed a keen focus and willingness to learn. He studied the road rules, give way signs and general driving knowledge, improving and absorbing more and more each week.

Eventually, William decided he was ready to sit the test. While a little unsure of some of the give way rules, he was still keen to give it a go and if he didn’t know an answer, he’d leave it out and perhaps ask a support person to explain it afterwards.

With the support of Mum and Dad, William put aside his nerves and filled in every answer.

After a short time, a Service SA official approached the family and said not only had he passed with a near perfect score, but he also correctly answered all the give way questions.

William was absolutely beside himself with pride and cites his supportive family and friends for believing that he is capable of achieving his goals and dreams.

Bedford helps people with disability obtain drivers licence