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What will happen to transport funding under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)? We address some commonly asked questions below:

What will happen to my mobility allowance?

Nothing. If you are currently receiving mobility allowance the only thing that will change under the NDIS is how you receive your funding. Under the old system mobility allowance was paid by Centrelink. Under the NDIS, you will receive funding in your plan for the support category 'Transport'.

The funding you receive from the NDIS for transport will be the same amount as you currently receive and will replace your mobility allowance.

I have heard stories of people having their mobility allowance cut – will this happen to me?

There have been a number of stories online from families who have had their mobility allowance cut. In the vast majority of cases this is because Centrelink has stopped the participant's mobility allowance before the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) started to provide transport funding.

Centrelink and the NDIA have now put processes in place to prevent this issue.

I want to learn to drive or catch the bus. Can the NDIS provide funding for this?

Yes. The NDIS is about improving people's independence and this includes assisting people to learn to drive or catch public transport. If you are interested in these things, consider including them in your Bedford NDIS Pre-Planning Workbook and raising it in your planning conversation.

If you would like to receive transport funding, it is important you state why you need this support to help you achieve your goals.

To get a copy of Bedford's NDIS Pre-Planning Workbook, please contact or call 8275 0211.