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Showdowns can be a touchy subject when partners barrack for different South Australian AFL teams.

But for husband and wife Bianca and James Babidge, the friendly rivalry is all in good fun.

"Showdowns are always interesting, as James is a Port Adelaide supporter" Crows fan Bianca says. "One of us usually gets the bragging rights for the year depending on who wins!"

"I got them last year that's for sure."

The couple have known each other for 12 years, but it wasn't until they started working together in packaging at Bedford Whyalla that their relationship bloomed. The pair now work full-time in the embroidery department and enjoy coming to work every day.

"We love doing the embroidery," James says. "It's great seeing something go from a photo to the real thing, especially the logos. I like seeing the end product."

Bianca says there are many things she and James love about Bedford.

"We've made quite a few friends at Bedford, and we see ourselves working here for a while," she says. "I love getting out of the house during the week, and our supervisors are great to work with."

Outside of work, Bianca and James enjoy spending time with and walking their two dogs, Rusty and Shaina. "Our dogs make up our little family," Bianca says.

The pair also find time to enjoy their hobbies while working five days a week "I really enjoy rebuilding old computers in my spare time, and Bianca is into scrapbooking," James says.