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On 1 July 2020 the NDIA changed the way that funding recipients structure their work supports to offer them more choice and control.

Bedford’s Transition to the New Employment Model (NEM), is a huge opportunity for our Clients to reach their goals, and gives them the ability to set and achieve goals they haven’t previously known. Clients may have increased access to new training and one-on-one mentoring, social programs, skills development in new areas, or potentially a move into open- or self-employment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Clients considering Bedford

What is the Transition to the New Employment Model?

The Transition to the New Employment Model is Bedford's response to a change in the way that the NDIA funds workplace supports. If you have an NDIS plan that started after 1 July 2020, funding for employment supports is most likely in the Core budget section of your plan. This means that everyone will have more choice about how they use the supports funding to achieve their employment goals.

How do I access NDIS funding for workplace supports?

You will need to apply for NDIS employment supports when you have a Plan review meeting, indicating that one of your goals is to work. Your Planner or LAC will include employment supports in your Core budget.

If you don’t have an NDIS plan at all, you will need to submit an NDIS Access Request form. Bedford can provide you with some guidance, however you may need assistance from a family member, legal guardian, support person or a disability advocacy service. More information on accessing the NDIS can be found on their website.

How can I get employment supports at Bedford?

Bedford Group is South Australia’s largest employer of people with a disability, offering rewarding careers to Supported Employees in a range of different industries. If you would like to work at Bedford, contact us on 8275 0211.

A member from Bedford’s supported employee recruitment team will speak with you about your employment goals and the application process.

How is NDIS employment supports funding used?

The money in an NDIS Plan for employment supports can be used to help you at work, including for things like:

  • learning new work skills
  • direct supervision by the support staff
  • off-the-job training sessions
  • making sure the environment and work areas are safe
  • buildings are easily accessed with ramps or easy opening doors
  • the way we talk and provide information is altered to suit using pictures and posters
  • non-face-to-face supports like report writing, development of task breakdowns, or creating individualised support tools
  • connecting you to other services.

Do you have any questions, feedback or require further information on the New Employment Model? Contact Bedford's NEM Helpline via the channels below: